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November 4, 2015
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Man beats watchman with board

A man who admitted to beating a watchman with a piece of board will have his fate decided on December 22 when he appears in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Richard Moore pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge of unlawful wounding.

According to Moore, he got permission from a manager to remove a piece of steel from a construction site at which the complainant was a watchman. However, an altercation ensued between the two.

"Mi go take up the steel and him [the watchman] come on to me aggressively towards the situation, so I told him to suck him mother and him come towards me with a knife," Moore said.

Moore claimed he had to swing a piece of board to protect himself from the watchman, but he did not intend to wound the man.

The complainant admitted that he pulled a knife during the incident because he was doing his job as a watchman. He said Moore was not employed to work at the site and he was not informed that Moore was given permission to remove the steel from the construction site.

Moore's fingerprint was taken and a trial date was set for December 22.


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