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November 4, 2015
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Kevyn V releases debut solo video

Kevyn V

Davina Henry, Staff Reporter

After altering the spelling of his name, signifying his move into doing solo projects, Kevin Blair, now known as Kevyn V, of the group Voicemail, is set to release his first solo video.

The song, High Life, released early last month, has already been getting good reception from fans.

"Midday on Saturday was when I officially released the video on YouTube. I premiered it on 'OnStage' and fans have already been anxiously waiting for it to be on YouTube. People have been sending pictures of them purchasing the song on iTunes, so I'm thankful," he told THE STAR.

As for his journey as a solo act, Kevyn V said writing without his group member, Qraig, has been an experience.

"I can't get it into my head that I'm on a solo journey. I'm still working on Voicemail projects, so it doesn't even feel like I'm a solo act. Recording and writing without Qraig has been an experience. It has led me to think a lot more and put a lot more into my music," he said.

In addition to promoting the song and video, he is also gearing up to release his EP, Back For The First Time.

"I still have a couple tracks that are left to be mixed, but it's almost at

completion. Also, Voicemail is gearing up for our european tour next spring so fans can also look out for that," he stated.

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