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August 22, 2014
Star Tell Me Pastor


His penis is too large - all he wants is sex

Dear Pastor,

I have been reading your column for a long time and I must tell you that's the main reason why I buy the Star. I am a bartender and I am 19 years old. I got to know a man who always came to the bar to drink. After I got to know him, he said he wanted to tell me the truth. I told him to go ahead. He said the main reason why he frequented the bar was to see me and he liked me. He told me that he knew that I liked him, too, and I asked him who told him that I liked him. He said he saw it in my eyes how I stared at him when he came to the bar.

Well, I was not aware that I was staring at him, but after he told me so, I made it my point of duty to really stare at him and, when no one was looking, I winked at him. Pastor, we became good friends and he told me that he was living with a woman, but she was driving him crazy and he wanted to get rid of her and, now that he met me, he was going to ask her to leave. I wasn't in favour of that, but I was living with my sister and she and I were not getting along well. I wanted to leave her and give her space because that's all she was talking about. She wanted space for her man and her children.

When this man got his girlfriend to leave, he told me and asked me to live with him. The house was so untidy. You wouldn't believe that another woman was living there. I cleaned it up and this man helped to paint up the place. It took me a while to get accustomed to having sex with him. He has a large penis and I was not accustomed to that size. He even slapped me a couple times when we were having sex because it was painful.

We didn't always agree, because when I went to live with him, the first thing he tried to get me to do was to leave my bar work, because he said that I was too good looking to be working in a bar. I continued working and his old girlfriend came there and cursed me and called me a whore. I called my boyfriend and told him and he told her that if she didn't stop he was going to give her a beating. so she never came back.

Pastor, I would like to go back to school but this man doesn't want me to go to school either. He said lots of people are going to school and can't get jobs. I love him and he pays the bills and encourages me to save, but nothing is on his mind as much as sex. because of that I am getting to be afraid of sex.

Please, pastor, give me your advice.


Dear H.W.,

This man's former girlfriend believes that you are the cause of her breaking up with your present boyfriend and I doubt very much that you will ever be able to convince her to the contrary. so you would have to leave her alone. She came to the house and cursed you and then your boyfriend threatened her. I hope that she will not return to the house and that he will not carry out his threat.

There are many beautiful young women who are bartenders. This type of work attracts beautiful girls. I suppose bar owners try to employ such women because they know that they will attract men. Nothing is degrading about this type of work, but let us face it, your boyfriend should be very happy to encourage you to go to school and to further your education so that you would be able to obtain a better job. He should not be denying you that opportunity.

He is scared of losing you. He believes that to allow you to go to school, other men will see you and fall in love with you and you will get involved with them. What he is trying to tell you is that, just as you got involved with him, you will get involved with another man. But what he fails to understand is that, if he treats you right and shows you much love, you are likely to reciprocate and treat him as a king.

Good men don't try to hinder their women from progress, so don't remain with him if he is out to give you a hard time.


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