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August 22, 2014
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If me was a man

They say for every season ... there is a reason. So one can say ... for every type of woman, there is that type of man.

If me was a man, the type of man I would be would be dependent on the kind of woman mi a deal wid.

Many women refuse to realise that their selection in men is a silent reflection of themselves!

Of course, men can be cold-hearted and wicked, even when yu treat dem good ... but woman wicked to!

Many of us women refuse to take responsibility for our choices in how we treat wi self and how wi allow man fi treat wi! Den wi turn roun and blame dem!

Yes, mi is a woman, and it can soun like mi ah bash women in this moment, but call it tough love because some ah unnu need fi get schooled!

Yuh si if me was a man ... I doa business if yu name Cynthia, Danielle or Pam, nuff ah unnu woulda only be a one-night stand!

Unnu cheapen unnu selves in so many ways, yet expect to be treated expensively.

Love yourself

If me was a man, if you frighten fi title, mi torture yuh wid it, and neva give yu it. If you can't love yourself enough to realise when a man isn't on the same page as you and you continue to stay with him, he will string you along!

If a man want you, him will proudly claim and title you!

If me was a man ... if you are one of those women that actually get di wifey title and as soon as you get di title yu figet yu role; yu stop tek care ah yuself, yu man and yu family, and nuh matter how yu husband try tell yu that things are not the same and you choose to do nothing to improve the situation ... mi woulda lef yu ... or if mi have too much fi lose, ... mi woulda probably stay and gi yu bun.

It is simple, straight and plain ... . If me was a man ... mi wouldn't treat you better than you treat yuself!

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