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July 9, 2011
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Summer Time

There are some very happy children running about. School is out and there is no restriction on how long they can play or have fun doing their favourite hobby or pastime. At this time however there is also a lot of danger present in the environment in which children interact. Not that the dangers are new but rather they become more pronounced owing to the fact that the children may be under less supervision than when they are in school for a number of hours each day.

Summer time is when we hear of more children drowning in the sea and rivers which they visit for enjoyment and pleasure. Some go without adult supervision and end up in difficulties from which their friends cannot rescue them. As parents and guardians we need to provide proper supervision for children who use the beach, rivers and pools as a part of the fun time of summer. Summer is also a good time for them to learn to swim and better handle themselves in the water.

Look out for the dangers in the environment from insects such as ants, mosquitoes, wasps and bees. Children who are going on field and camping trips should take adequate insect repellent for mosquitoes and sand flies. Tell the children how to identify and avoid insects' nests such as ants and wasps. Some children may be allergic to these bites and may develop a very bad reaction to them.

Teach them to identify and avoid plants such as 'cow itch' and cacti. Touching these can give them nasty rashes as well as prickles in the skin. Younger children should be taught not to put plants in the mouth. Children may also be tempted to eat green, unripened fruits such as mangoes which can cause blisters and sores on the mouth. Also be sure to supervise the eating of 'coolie' plums and guineps. The small seeds can easily slip down a child's throat and cause suffocation.

Look out for over exposure to the sun. In a nation where many children are dark-skinned, some make the mistake of thinking that the children do not need sun protection. A good cap or hat as well as some sunscreen can make a world of difference to children spending the day at the beach or out in the open.

Summer time is fun time for children. They can't enjoy themselves however if they are busy fighting for their lives or in danger. Let's do our best to keep them safe in their natural environment.

Ann Marie Rodriques

PeaceWater Services

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