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January 25, 2011
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THUGS BATTLE FOR GANG CONTROL - Six killed in internal conflict


The shooting deaths of six men in two separate incidents are believed to be the result of an internal conflict as gangsters wrestle for control of the notorious St Catherine-based Clansman gang, police sources have told THE STAR.

Yesterday, Jermaine Morrison, also called 'Speedy', a reputed senior member of the gang, was murdered at approximately 1:30 p.m. by a lone gunman who reportedly shot him several times at the intersection of Burke and March Pen roads, Spanish Town, St Catherine.

Another man and a woman were also reportedly injured in the gun attack.

A high ranking officer from the St Catherine South police told THE STAR that Morrison is believed to be one of a group of men who snuffed out the lives of five men last Thursday as they played a game of dominoes in Portsmouth, Portmore, also in the parish.

Those killed in that incident were identified as 56-year-old Lerrimore Warmington; 39-year-old Owen Henry; Kenton Headley, 30; 45-year-old Levil Anderson, and a man identified only as 'Pazzam' who investigators say was also a Clansman gang member, and who was the intended target of the hit.

The police are theorising that Morrison's murder was a reprisal for the death of Pazzam.

"Based on intelligence we have gathered that there is a struggle for power within the gang. Thursday's attack in Portsmouth, and this latest murder was sparked by that struggle," the officer told THE STAR.

After the murders in Portsmouth, the police identified a 'Don Topping' as a suspect in connection with the incident. He is also another reputed member of the Clansman gang.

The suspect, whose real name is Donovan Topping, surrendered to the police on the weekend and is to be questioned this week.

THE STAR made contact with a member of the gang who strongly requested anonymity before admitting there was some truth to the police's report of an internal war.

The 24-year-old man also went on to explain that the feud may even spiral into an all-out-war which will involve other communities in Portmore and Spanish Town.

"Is a ting weh if certain big man inna di link nuh put a end to it, it ago start a big war and yu ago find seh man from Portmore ago kick off, and man from Spain (Spanish Town) ago kick off wicked," he told THE STAR.

Following Morrison's murder, investigators from the St Catherine North Division listed two other persons they claim are Clansman members; Nevardo Hodges, otherwise called 'Dee Jay', and Rowell Jennings, otherwise called 'Jay Jay', as persons of interest.

These men are considered armed and dangerous and should be approached with great caution, the police say.

Both Hodges and Jennings frequent Hopeful Village, Lakes Pen and Quarry Hill in Spanish Town.

They are being urged to report to police personnel at the Spanish Town Police Station by 2 p.m. today.

Persons knowing the whereabouts of Hodges and Jennings can share their information with the police by calling Operation Kingfish at 811, Police Control at 119 and Crime Stop at 311.

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